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                                    aka: DebbiR

                                  ICQ: 17864882
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DOB: 04/14/60


General: (What makes me tick)

My inside body clock I think I'm going through menopause.  (J/k)  I love
jokes or humor of most types except slapstick.  I love honesty and open
minded individuals.

What bomb factory built you? 
I was born into the family of a Lifer Serviceman  and a wonderful Mother in
Bordeaux, France.  After several relocations, we settled in Huntsville,
Alabama where I have been for the better part of 20 plus years.

Favorite Acro Room: 40 Plus and 50 Plus

Most Often Used Acro Word: Something from Nick and Nite.  I can't seem to grow up.  An example, the Little Rascals.  Or all time give away
unfortunately, is my hang-up for Snoopy!

Favorite Acro Topic:  General or History or Sports

Favorite CouchRules Topic:  What do you do when the power goes out at night?

Explosive Favorites:

Holiday: Christmas or Thanksgiving because that is when my large family
makes it a point to try to ALL get together.

Food:  Salad, and then Salad, and then Salad.

Vacation Spot:  My beach bunny days are over so I have come to love the
European countries.  I loved Rome.  On the stateside, I'd have to say I love
the Jazz Fest in New Orleans each year.  Hubby and I are major cruisers.

Color:  Red (Years ago, someone told me it was a power color, that has stuck in my head!) 

Lucky Number: Lucky or not my favorite number is 69

Pasttime:  I enjoy tennis, bowling, golfing, swimming, reading.   There is
also nothing better than a good movie when all else fails.

Quote: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son."

Book:  Huge fan of Stephen King, John Grisham,  Johnathan Kellerman, Bio's, Steve Martini,  too many to count.  I save all books I buy as well.


Personal:(What makes you tick?)  The most important things in my life, God, my husband, my family and my friends.

Family:  Lots of it.  I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.   1 sister has two boys
and a girl, the other sister has 3 girls, and my brother has two boys.

Pets:  These are my children!!!!!!!  I have a miniature pinscher (Alex,) a
Bichon Friche (Elvis whom I did not name!!!!) and a Standard Poodle Derby.

BombMobile:  I drive a Black BMW 535

Most appealing habit:  Ability to be open minded about most anything!

Most annoying habit:  I'm shy?   Some of ya'll don't believe that!  I also
bite my nails without realizing it until the cuticles hurt!

What makes you laugh:  My husband, my friends.  Worse habit of mine is to laugh when someone falls.....  I just can't help it.  Even if it's me unless
it's when I'm rollerblading!