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boys.jpg (21382 bytes)1. Bob is Allison's (my bestfriend and hostess of
                                                                            the party) husband

2. Bill is my sweetie          3. Allan is my other best friend LOL and also my boss... 4. Chris is Heathers eldest son (13)

Curtis.jpg (16262 bytes)

My mother, my son, and his wife (mother of Chris and Joel)

My mother          Gran.jpg (9230 bytes)

Heather.jpg (10361 bytes) Daughter-in-law Heather.

me.jpg (8993 bytes)

Ewwww( I'll diet tomorrow, lol)

me opening a present LOL (Aromatherapy candle..very very nice!)

Me, opening another present..a veggie/dip tray w/Aztec design...beautiful!presents.jpg (19334 bytes)

nightie.jpg (34189 bytes) My new nightie hehe...Bill likes it ROFLMAO!

and 40 tons of food!!

Best danged 50th birthday I ever had!!!