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aka: BygoneGirl

ICQ: 19198421



DOB: Mar 14


General: (What makes me tick)

What bomb factory built you??

Born and raised in a small town on Lake Erie, Ontario (Niagara region). Swarmed by I started to explode at the early age of 17, when I thought I had the world under my wings. Moved to Toronto, schooled and worked. Thought life was tough then?! Ha. Moved back to the Niagara region in 88' to start a life long career in the auto manufacturing bussiness. (on line Been slaving for General Motors St. Catherines for 5 yrs, then transfered to GM Oshawa, for a grand total of 12 yrs now. Only 18 yrs left to retirement. hehe. I live 5 miles from one of the largest nuclear plants in Canada, so be careful, Im fully loaded!! Married and have 3 munchkins. ( 9, 5, and 3) Wild family keeps me ticking!! lol


Favorite Acro Room: Boomers

Most Often Used Acro Word:

Favorite Acro Topic: General

Favorite CouchRules Topic: What my epitaph would say about


Explosive Favorites:

Holiday: Christmas. I have an amazing family of 28!! We are all so diverse, but all connected to one fuse!

Food: mmmmmm......taco's.....mmmmm

Vacation Spot: Aruba, then Aruba, and, oh yeah, did I mention Aruba?

Color: Ecru (haha ... sounds better then beige doesn't it?)

Lucky Number: 10

Pasttime: no, actually, spending the day visiting antique and flea markets.

Quote: Let confrontations be bygones. You have one life, don't waste it being angry.

Book: "Gone With the Wind" and "Pet Cemetary"


Personal:(What makes you tick?)

My kids. They fill me with so many different emotions. And teach me more about life than anyone.

Family: Two sons, 9 and 3. A daughter, 5 going on huh?

Pets: neighbours


Most appealing habit: not gonna tell ya....haha

Most annoying habit: procrastination

What makes you laugh: my kids, and the men I work with......thousands of them, literally.