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TNT* BigBang

aka: frost__back

ICQ #:61722144



Birth date: 26 December


I manage the Ohio branch of Damn Big Booms, Inc.

Acro Related:

Favorite Acro Room:

Most Often Used Acro Word:

Favorite Acro Topic:

Least Favorite Acro Topic:

My own Favorite Couch Rules Topic:

Explosive Favorites:

Holiday and why: Guy Fawkes Day

Food: Jalapeno Poppers

Vacation Spot: Pompeii

Color: Orange

Lucky Number: pi

Past time: terrorism

Quote: Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth shattering kaboom!

Book: The Anarchist’s Cookbook

Personal: What make's me "TICK"

Family: two children, nitro and glycerine

Pets: cats Fatman and Little Boy

My Bomb Mobile Is: Minuteman missile

Most Appealing Habit: tying cherry bombs to dog’s tails

Most Annoying Habit: blowing off fingers

What Makes me Laugh: Don’t know, haven’t done it yet.