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Birthdate:January 9th


What Makes Me Tick- Well, my grandfather gave me the nickname lastword when I was 3 or 4 years old so guess what I enjoy and spend a large portion of my life doing? LOL

I LOVE my job as a full-time union president representing 3200 retail workers. I have a long fuse, but deadly if detonated!

Born in Toronto, Ontario but have been living in Calgary, Alberta since 1971

Favorite Acro Room:40's

Most often used acro word:skydiving

Favorite acro topic: g/a

Favorite Couch Rules Topic: things people do in their cars when they think they're invisible to other people

Explosive Favorites:

Holiday: Christmas (and it's not JUST for kids) :-)

Food: New York Steak with Peppercorn sauce and desserts (kinda partial to my homemade "organic" brownies) ROFL

Vacation Spot: Bahamas, soon, I have no doubt!

Color: Blue

Lucky Number: Don't have a lucky number

Pasttime: internet wordgames

Quote- "When your neighbour's house is on fire, you put yourself in danger if you don't help extinguish it."

Book: The Stand- Stephen King (tough choice, I love most books)


Personal (What Makes You Tick)

Family: happily married to a great guy with a great sense of humour (thank God) with 2 great kids- Sarah 12 and Steven 10

Pets: 2 cats (the other white meat) ROFL (sorry kitties) Roly and Tigger

Bomb Mobile: Crown Victoria (not even ON my list of choices)

Most Appealing Habit: My sense of humour, which has probably served me better in life than any other single thing :-) I see all points of view and am a mediator at heart.

Most Annoying Habit: always having to have the "last word"

What Makes You Laugh: I can find humour in anything! Witty repartee is exceptionally attractive to me. :-) Guess that explains why I hang around with these guys!