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aka: Schwend

ICQ: 23327291


DOB: 05-November


I've got a biological clock that makes me tick.

What bomb factory built you?? Born in downtown Toronto, when there was no

Favorite Acro Room: 40's room

Most Often Used Acro Word: "Usually". When the Acro ends with a "U".

Favorite Acro Topic: Words That Rhyme

Favorite CouchRules Topic: Pander someone in the room!

Explosive Favorites:


I love July 1st. It's Canada Day, and we get to light lots of
fireworks. We are usually up north, and watch them over the water.

Food: Anything barbequed.

Vacation Spot: We have a cottage that we go to all year round. It's a great
place to relax and have fun no matter what the weather.

Color: Green

Lucky Number: 5 Always like the one in the middle.

Pasttime: I enjoy doing most sports. We live near a river where we will put our old canoe in and paddle down to various points. Our favourite place to paddle is by the golf course with our ball catchers. Picked up 60 balls
one afternoon. LOL.

Quote: Don't really repeat myself that much, unless I've had too much!

Book: Now that my eyes are failing..... don't read much. Watch TV before bed

Personal:(What makes you tick?)

Family: Been married 17 years, and have two daughters 15 and 9 years old.

Pets: We've got a 10 gallon fish tank. No high maintenance, and can leave them for the weekend without feeling guilty.

BombMobile: My regular car is a Pathfinder, but when it's absolutely necessary, I go into our second half of the garage, and start up our 1970 Corvette Stingray. If I'm lucky, I might make my destination!

Most appealing habit: Unknown

Most annoying habit:

What makes you laugh: A bottle of wine! "Cheers"!