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aka: mesa

ICQ: 37845011




D.O.B: January 20

General: (What makes me tick)

What bomb factory built you? I would have thought Macy*s or Gucci, coming from Brooklyn, NY but parents have informed me I was found in front of Nathan's Hot Dogs. It was raining... what else could they do but bring me home. Am currently residing in the foothills of New Mexico NOT ARIZONA.



Acro Related:

Favorite Acro Room: 40's are da bomb!

Most Often Used Acro Word: Ultimately, untimely hate those U's should blow em up!

Favorite Acro Topic: "Things that Smell" I always smell the black powder burning!

Favorite CouchRules Topic: "Things you find in your glove compartment" You don't want to go there... if you want to keep your fingers! LOL


Explosive Favorites:

Holiday: My Birthday and Mother's Day of course, it's the only time I don't have to make the purchases. Got Cherry Bombs and Rockets last year, hoping for the larger explosives this year.

Food: I'm easy, just take me out to eat anywhere that is not "Fast Food". I will probably head for the Alaskan King Crab or Prime Ribs though. Anything you can light a match under will do though.

Vacation Spot: So far it's been Aruba, "one happy island", but after June 1st, it might be the Bahamas!

Color: anything that matches my mood that week and coordinates. I wear my silver when I wear black, and my gold with my red, etc. Easy huh? Kinda like coordinating a pyrotechnics display I would say.

Lucky Number: 127 or any combination of it has great significance in my life. It's a winner, play it. And if I light a fuse and you count to 127... well you won't make it to 127, start running while you are saying "one".

Pasttime: We are a clean team, but I have to say sex to this one. I can say sex right?

Quote: "Self happiness is not based on knowledge, money and power, but on health, honesty and wisdom"

Book: "The Uni-Bomber Bibliographies"

Personal:(What makes you tick?)

Family: Yes I have one. The little firecracker will be 14 and the big display 18.

Pets: Yes a sheepdog Fred, first dog that did not need tranquilizers on the 4th of July.

BombMobile: Yes I have one, but it should detonate shortly once it reaches 82,000 miles on it.

Most appealing habit: Yes I have one.

Most annoying habit: Yes I have one.

What makes you laugh: Honestly? Since finding Acrophobia, I have found some of the wittiest most interesting people I have ever met. Regardless of the game we are playing, the sharp, quick wit comes through nightly. It's not the games that are addictive, it's the people we play with.