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aka: marty11

ICQ: #9137562


DOB: May 17


General: (What makes me tick)
What Bomb Factory Built You:
I was born and raised in California. I know a good
thing when I see it so i never moved! :0) Because of
my illness, I am a stay at home kinda woman, which
sometimes is good because then I can play all my
favorite games with my wild and crazy acronians!(or
would that be acronites?)

Favorite Acro Room: 40 somethings

Most Often Used Acro Word: I have several (lol)
acoustics, Chubby Checker, and bouillabaisse.

Favorite Acro Topic: "Food and Drink" of course!
(gotta love those brownies) =0)

Favorite CouchRules Topic: Anything derogatory aboutex husbands!

Explosive Favorites:

Holiday: Christmas! Gosh, I love getting gifts!

Food: Chinese or Mexican.. Actually I just love to

Vacation Spot: Ft. Bragg, California. It is so
wonderfully peaceful there! And the beauty is

Color: Blue

Lucky Number: all of them! ok, ok let's go with 3.

Pasttime: internet and bingo

Quote: "The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no

Book: I love to read most anything. Anything from love
stories to Tom Clancey.

Personal:(What makes you tick?)

Family: Three kids, Matthew, who is 23 and handsome,
Brian, who is 22 and handsome, and Vanessa who is 18
and beautiful. No, I am NOT prejudiced! My hubby Bill,
who is the most wonderful thing to happen to me (who I
think is also handsome). I have no grandkids yet
*sigh* but I do have 2 wonderful (and beautiful) sorta
grandkids Kylie, who is 5 and Kaleb, who is 3. My life
is full! I can't ask for more! Yet...... :0)

Syndey is our 7 year old rottweiler and she's
beautiful and FAT!! Squirt (Bill named him, not me)is
our 6 year old Pit Bull, Akita, Husky mix and he's
definitely handsome, but not quite as studly as he
was. He was "fixed" 2 weeks ago. lmao We have a black
persian tom cat whom we call "lion kitty" because he
has a grey mane, looks just like a lion. And last but
not least we have our siamese cat, Baby.. Bill calls
her stinky.. because she emits.. oh nevermind! lmao

BombMobile: Cadillac

Most appealing habit: Being a soft touch. That appeals
to my family and friends the most. lol

Most annoying habit:
Well, I can be a bit.. well..
er.. let's see.. witchy perhaps? lol

What makes you laugh: Almost anything. I love humor
and can almost see the funny side to everything. Get's
me into trouble sometimes!