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aka: FL Bear
ICQ: # 73019314

DOB: March 21

General: (What makes me tick) Hmmm, LOTS of things make me tick:  Fishing, billiards, Coors Light, Sex, Beautiful Weather, Warm Friends, and my Kids!

What bomb factory built you?? Mama bomb........oh and daddy bomb too

Favorite Acro Room:  40's and/or 50's

Most Often Used Acro Word: "Boot", or "Bot".....then lots of adjectives to go with them!

Favorite Acro Topic: GA

Favorite Couch Rules Topic: I HATE couch rules

Explosive Favorites:

My birthday!  hehehehehehe

Anything & everything

Vacation Spot:
Hell I live in Florida.  I'm always on vacation.

Color: Purple or any shade of it

Lucky Number:
Which ever one I win on!  You know, like B-6 or N-34 or get my drift

Pasttime:Fishing, fishing, and more fishing!!!!!!   Oh, and the computer when I'm not fishing.

Quote:KMA  (sorry, you asked.  And that's my favorite quote.)

Book:  No time for reading between computer & fishing.


Personal:(What makes you tick?)

Family:2 girls: 26 & 22....3 grandsons, 6, 4, and 9 months.  And one wonderful husband of 3 months  hehehehehehe

Pets:2 Black Labs.....Precious & Midnight

BombMobile: I don't drive.....only thing I drive is people nuts!  Phew...had to make sure I put the "s" on the right word.

Most appealing habit:Smiling   

Most annoying habit:Smoking (and I do WAY too much of it)

What makes you laugh:Peoples sense of humor.   But most of all, a baby's laughter.  There's no better sound in the world.