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                                                                       aka: FadingFast

                                                ICQ: 13103280
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DOB: 9/26


General: (What makes me tick)

What bomb factory built you??
Built on Long Island, refined in Northern New Jersey, and smuggled to the
West Coast of Florida

Favorite Acro Room:No Preference

Most Often Used Acro Word:Blonde

Favorite Acro Topic:General

Favorite CouchRules Topic: Science

Explosive Favorites:

Holiday: Christmas

Food: Seafood, steak

Vacation Spot: Anywhere away from here

Color: Green

Lucky Number: 7

Pasttime: Nascar

Quote: All our dreams can come true -If we have the courage to pursue them.        W. Disney

Book: Several, no preference


Personal:(What makes you tick?)

Family: 3 kids 2 boys 29, 26 daughter 19

Pets: 4 cats

BombMobile: Cutlass, and the real bomb, Plymouth Horizon

Most appealing habit: Sense of Humor, compassion, Hopeles Romantic

Most annoying habit: Dwelling on things that make me crazy

What makes you laugh: Almost anything