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aka: I'm a Smokin

ICQ: 77075149




DOB: 4-8-55


General: (What makes me tick) My wife and 2 kids.

What bomb factory built you?? Born and raised in southern Illinois. Moved to Florida in 1989.

Favorite Acro Room:40 somethings

Most Often Used Acro Word: Would be hooters but bot doesn't accept it.

Favorite Acro Topic: History

Favorite CouchRules Topic:


Explosive Favorites:

Holiday: Christmas

Food: Give me a big steak and I am a very happy man.

Vacation Spot: Daytona Beach is a great place to wake up and watch the sun
come up.

Color: Black

Lucky Number: I will tell you that when I win the lottery.

Pasttime: Throwing darts with friends at a local bar.


Book:Anything by Clancy.


Personal:(What makes you tick?)Fast cars and even faster women. Hehe

Family:Married 23 years to Val. Have a 19 year old son Ryan, a 17 year old daughter, Megan.

Pets: One lazy hound dog, one hyper cat.

BombMobile:Nissan truck or Pontiac Grand Am

Most appealing habit: My wife says that it is that I always put the toilet seat down. lol

Most annoying habit: Smoking

What makes you laugh: Just about anything