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aka: Huntersgal




What Makes me Tick? My Family, Husband TN_Hunter, My 3 children, 2 Boys 17 & 15, A Daughter 11.

What bomb factory built me? I was born & raised in California, Met TN there While He was a Marine stationed there. We Married & I moved here to Tennessee where he is from. Imagine my culture shock "You are my wife, goodbye city life"! lol

Favorite acro room: 40 somethings (without a doubt)!

Most often used acro word: Undeniably

Favorite acro topic: General

Favorite couch rules topic: This is Gross....

Favorite holiday: Halloween, We Have a Party every year. Gives our friends & family a chance to shed their costumes & be themselves!

Favorite food: Mexican, Although I like Chinese & Italian too! (The spicier the Better!)

Vacation spot: Shacking up on the Beach, Atlantic or Pacific doesn't matter.

Favorite color: Red.

Lucky number: 7.

Favorite Pasttime: The Computer, but more importantly, spending time with the family.

Favorite quote: "If it isn't broke don't fix it!"

Favorite Book: The Holy Bible.

General (what makes me tick). Family

Pets: 2 dogs (beagles) Max & Missy 1 Cat KC (short for kitty cat) .

Bomb mobile: Dodge Caravan (The mommy taxi)

Most Appealing Habit: I'm lighthearted & Have a sense of humour(don't take things to personal) I also Have the ability not just to talk but to listen as well.

Annoying habits: don't have any! Ha"

What makes me laugh: Me, I Never cease to amuse & amaze myself! LOL