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TNT* KaBoom


aka Trixie

ICQ #: 17253474

Birth date: July 26

General: (Tell us something about yourself)

I was constructed and nurtured in California, and eventually detonated in the Dallas/Fort Worth area which is where I know hang my shell casings. I blew my ex-husband to smitherines (LOL), he didn’t run when I deployed the grenades. I created 2 junior bombs, one of whom is terrorizing the fraternity halls at college. The other one will be terrorizing the sorority halls this coming fall.

Acro Related:

Favorite Acro Room: 40 & 50 Somethings

Most Often Used Acro Word: Chocolate or Tequila/shooters

Favorite Acro Topic: Geography

Least Favorite Acro Topic: General!!!!

My own Favorite Couch Rules Topic: Graveyards

Explosive Favorites:

Holiday and why: Christmas because my HoHoHo charms explode!

Food: Shellfish & Pasta

Vacation Spot: Anywhere in the Caribbean works for me!

Color: RED (what else does a HoHoHo favor? LOL)

Lucky Number: 16

Past time: Gardening, I love to get my hands in the dirt, it’s therapy!

Quote: I was just turned onto this one by a friend *wink*… I’m a bomb technician, I you see me running, try to keep up!" LOL

Book: "Heaven"

Personal: What make's me "TICK"

Family: 2 kids, 22 & 18

Pets: 1 dog (Ferdie), 2 cats (Punkin & Zeus) and a tank of "fishkies"

My Bomb Mobile Is: Mercedes Benz, black

Most Appealing Habit: My sense of humor and smile, or so I’m told

Most Annoying Habit: Being at the computer 24-7???

What Makes me Laugh: TruBlu, constantly! LOL