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AKA: angelbear

ICQ 4092244

Email: anglbear@the-I.Net

DOB : 08/12/... fortysomething!

General: "It's all in the wiring!"

What bomb factory built you?

Born in Chicago as a (low - voltage) child, but because of the chill factor... expanded my circuitry and moved to South Texas.


Favorite acro rooms... Wherever the Boomers go!

Most often used Acro Word... Chihuahua

Favorite Acro Topic... Animals

Favorite Couch Rule Topic... If you were re-incarnated what would you come back as?

Explosive Favorites: Swimming, Bowling, Canning, and the Internet!

Holiday... Christmas

Food... Shrimp

Vacation Spot... Chicago Cubs Baseball game, and Cozmel’s clear blue waters!

Color... Purple

Lucky number... 7

Pastime... Canning

Quote... "Chance disappears when you make a decision"

Book... Mystery with a twist


Married, and have 7 1/2 beautiful Chihuahua's ranging from ages 5 wk. - 11 yrs. Of age, 1 Persian cat, 1 Umbrella Cockatoo and a few fish! Now, a (high - voltage) adult, I manage an apartment community, rent both of my houses, and hope to return to school to finish my degree.

Pets names... Don't ask, hehehe

BombMobile... Purple Nissan 4X4 truck

Most appealing habit... My smile!