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Come on In and Have a


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TNT has immediate openings for full-time, part-time, day and evening
positions! No experience necessary, we will train. Opportunity for
"explosive" advancement abounds! You must be able to "detonate" in an
environment of constant outbursts of wit, humor, laughter, and a diverse
array of crazy personalities. Benefit package includes: long lasting
friendships, cameraderie, fun, fun, more fun, free brownies and wime nightly,
a "dental plan" to keep you smiling, and vacation leave (without TNT fun).
Equal opportunity team
. Email inquiries here All inquiries
will be immediately answered!





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(things sent in by teammates)

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BBY2K Pics!!!

Cruise Pics, too!!

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wime.gif (5665 bytes)             "Wime" is our Motto!!wime.gif (5665 bytes)

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or ICQ:

KaBoom: 17253474 or Grenade: 84737834


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